Definition & Meaning of "TU"

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tu :
thank you

Usage of TU

In texting, the abbreviation 'TU' is commonly used to express gratitude or to thank someone. It is a shortened version of the phrase 'thank you'. When someone does something for you, or helps you out in some way, using 'TU' is an easy and convenient way to show your appreciation.

Examples of TU used in texting:
1. Example of TU used in texting: Hey, thanks for helping me with my math assignment! TU!
2. Example of TU used in texting: I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to me vent. TU so much!
3. Example of TU used in texting: Thanks for coming to my game, it meant a lot to me. TU for your support!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tu"

4getu :
forget you
aybabtu :
all your base are belong to us
dywmtcoaeyptucomf :
do you want me to come over and eat your p***y until you c** on my face
ih8tu :
i hate you
ihtutbr :
I have to use the bathroom
isianmtu :
I swear I am not making this up
jtumltk :
just thought you might like to know
lmtus :
let me tell you something
pitrtul :
parents in the room text you later
retrotextual :
One who is using out of date words and abbreviations while texting.
stufu :
stupid f**ker
stupd :
sutuct :
so you think you can type
ttul :
Talk To You Later
ttul8r :
Talk to you later
ttus :
talk to you soon
ttut :
Talk to you Tomorrow
ttutt :
to tell you the truth
tu :
thank you
tuff :
tul :
text you later
Tum :
turnt :
tut :
take your time
tuvm :
thank you very much
un4rtun8ly :
urstu :
you are stupid
utube :
witu :
with you
wutup :
What's Up
ycntu :
Why Cant You?

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