Definition & Meaning of "TUT"

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tut :
take your time

Usage of TUT

The abbreviation "TUT" is a simple and easy way to tell someone to "take your time". It is often used when someone is in a hurry or feeling rushed, but wants the other person to know that they should take their time rather than feeling pressured or stressed. Using "TUT" can demonstrate your consideration and patience towards others.

Example 1 (of TUT used in texting):
Person 1: Hey, can you send me the document ASAP?
Person 2: Sure, I'll send it over in 10 minutes. TUT.

Example 2 (of TUT used in texting):
Person 1: Did you finish the project yet?
Person 2: Not yet, it's really complex. TUT.

Example 3 (of TUT used in texting):
Person 1: I'm waiting for you outside, hurry up!
Person 2: TUT, I'm almost done. Just give me a few minutes.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tut"

ihtutbr :
I have to use the bathroom
ttut :
Talk to you Tomorrow
ttutt :
to tell you the truth
tut :
take your time

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