Definition & Meaning of "TUVM"

What does tuvm mean? View the definition of tuvm and all related slang terms containing tuvm below:

tuvm :
thank you very much

Usage of TUVM

The abbreviation 'TUVM' stands for 'thank you very much'. It is commonly used in texting and online communications as a way to express gratitude quickly and informally. 'TUVM' is a convenient shorthand that can save time and effort while still conveying genuine appreciation.

Example 1:
Friend: Hey, can you bring me a coffee on your way over?
You: Sure, no problem.
Friend: TUVM!

Example 2:
Boss: Thank you for completing that report ahead of schedule.
You: TUVM! I'm glad I could help.

Example 3:
Family member: I really appreciate you coming over to help me clean up the yard.
You: TUVM, happy to help!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tuvm"

tuvm :
thank you very much

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