Definition & Meaning of "TUFF"

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tuff :

Usage of TUFF

The abbreviation TUFF is commonly used in texting to mean 'tough.' When something is TUFF, it means it is challenging, difficult, or resilient. This could refer to a person's strength in a difficult situation or the intensity of a challenging task. TUFF can also be used to describe something that is cool or impressive.

Examples of TUFF used in texting:

1. "That exam was TUFF, but I think I aced it!" (Example of TUFF meaning difficult)
2. "She's been through so much, she's so TUFF." (Example of TUFF meaning resilient)
3. "Did you see his new car? It's so TUFF!" (Example of TUFF meaning cool or impressive)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tuff"

tuff :

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