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tp :
toilet paper


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tp"

asbmaetp :
Acronyms should be memorable and easy to pronounce
atp :
answer the phone
attotp :
At The Time Of This Post
brbigtp :
be right back, i got to pee.
ctpc :
cant talk parent(s) coming
ctpos :
Can't Talk Parent Over Sholder
dtp :
Don't Type Please
dttpou :
Don't tell the police on us
dygtp :
did you get the picture
etp :
eager to please
fmutp :
f**k me up the p***y
ftp :
file transfer protocol
fttp :
for the time being
gtgtpirio :
got to go the price is right is on
gtp :
Got to pee
gttp :
get to the point
http :
hyper text transfer protocol
iawtp :
I agree with this post
ihtp :
I Have To Poop
intpftpotm :
I nominate this post for the post of the month
lmaowtntpm :
laughing my ass off whilst trying not to piss myself
ltp :
Lay the pipe
lttpot :
laughing to the point of tears
mmatp :
meet me at the park
oftpc :
off topic
otp :
on the phone
qtpi :
cutie pie
stpd :
syatp :
see you at the party
tgsttttptct :
thank God someone took the time to put this crap together
tltpr :
Too long to proof read.
totp :
talking on the phone
totpd :
top of the page dance
tp :
toilet paper
tpb :
the pirate bay
tpf :
that's pretty funny
tpiwwp :
this post is worthless without pictures
tps :
test procedure specification
tptb :
the powers that be
ttyotp :
talk to you on the phone
urstpid :
you are stupid
watp :
We Are The People
wtp :
where's the party
wttp :
want to trade pictures?

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