Definition & Meaning of "ETP"

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etp :
eager to please

Usage of ETP

The abbreviation ETP stands for 'eager to please.' It is typically used to describe a person's strong motivation and willingness to satisfy others' needs or desires. Someone who is ETP may go above and beyond to make sure that their friends or family are happy, and they may take great pride in being a source of support for others.

Examples of ETP used in texting:

1. Hey, can you pick me up from the airport tonight? I know it's last minute, but I'll pay for your gas. No pressure if you can't, just let me know. #ETP
2. I'm sorry I forgot your birthday last week! Let me buy you dinner this weekend to make it up to you. #ETP
3. Thanks for helping me study for that test yesterday. You're really making a difference in my grades this semester! #ETP

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "etp"

asbmaetp :
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etp :
eager to please

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