Definition & Meaning of "GTGTPIRIO"

What does gtgtpirio mean? View the definition of gtgtpirio and all related slang terms containing gtgtpirio below:

gtgtpirio :
got to go the price is right is on


The abbreviation GTGTPIRIO is used to communicate to someone that you have to end the conversation or leave because the television show "The Price is Right" is on. This is particularly common among fans of the show who do not want to miss an episode. The abbreviation is a quick and efficient way to communicate this without having to type out a full sentence.

Examples of GTGTPIRIO used in texting:

1. Friend: "Hey, what are you up to?"
You: "Just hanging out at home, but GTGTPIRIO. I can't miss today's episode!"

2. Mom: "When are you coming over for dinner?"
You: "Sorry, I can't make it tonight. I have to GTGTPIRIO. Maybe we can reschedule for tomorrow?"

3. Co-worker: "Can I chat with you for a few minutes?"
You: "Sure, but I have to GTGTPIRIO in a few minutes. What did you need to talk about?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gtgtpirio"

gtgtpirio :
got to go the price is right is on

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