Definition & Meaning of "GAF"

What does gaf mean? View the definition of gaf and all related slang terms containing gaf below:

gaf :
good as f**k

Usage of GAF

The abbreviation GAF is an informal expression used to describe something that is perceived to be extremely good or excellent. Typically used in casual conversations or text messages, GAF is often used to express excitement or enthusiasm towards a particular subject, activity or event. It can be used in both positive and negative contexts, depending on the speaker's intention.

Examples of GAF used in texting:

1. "OMG, that concert last night was GAF! The music was so amazing, I couldn't stop dancing!"
2. "I just had the best burger ever, it was GAF! You need to try it next time you're in town."
3. "I just finished watching Stranger Things and it was GAF! I binged the entire season in one night."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gaf"

acgaf :
Absolutely couldn't give a f**k
amiigaf :
ask me if i give a f**k
cgaf :
couldn't give a f**k
dgaf :
don't give a f**k
dilligaf :
do I look like I give a f**k
gaf :
good as f**k
gafi :
get away from it
gafk :
Going away from keyboard
gafl :
get a f**king life
gafm :
Get away from me
Idegaf :
I don't even give a f**k
idgaf :
i don't give a f**k
idgaff :
I don't give a flying f**k
idgafs :
I don't give a f**king s**t
idrgaf :
I don't really give a f**k
idrgaff :
i don't really give a flying f**k
irdgaf :
i really don't give a f**k
ligaff :
like I give a flying f**k
ligafs :
like I give a flying s**t
ngaf :
nobody gives a f**k
ntigaf :
not that i give a f**k
wgaf :
Who gives a f**k
wrgaf :
Who really gives a f**k?

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