Definition & Meaning of "IDEGAF"

What does Idegaf mean? View the definition of Idegaf and all related slang terms containing Idegaf below:

idegaf :
I don't even give a f**k

Usage of IDEGAF

The term IDEGAF is a slang abbreviation that is commonly used in messaging and social media. IDEGAF stands for 'I don't even give a f**k', which means that someone doesn't care about something or someone. This abbreviation is often used to express the feeling of indifference, annoyance or frustration towards a particular situation or person. The abbreviation is popular among teenagers and young adults who use it to express their emotions through text messages, tweets, or other social media platforms.

Examples of IDEGAF used in texting:

1. Friend 1: "Dude, you didn't come to my party last night"
Friend 2: "IDEGAF, I was tired and had other things to do"

2. Person A: "Can you believe he cheated on me again?"
Person B: "IDEGAF, he's not worth your time or energy."

3. Boss: "You need to work overtime this week"
Employee: "IDEGAF, I have plans and can't do it."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "Idegaf"

Idegaf :
I don't even give a f**k

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