Definition & Meaning of "CM"

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cm :
call me

Usage of CM

The abbreviation CM is a shorthand way of saying 'call me.' It's commonly used in text messaging when someone wants another person to call them back. This abbreviation can be especially useful when someone is busy or unable to take a call at the moment, but still wants to communicate that they would like to talk later.

Example of CM used in texting:
1. Hey, can you CM after your meeting today?
2. I have some exciting news to share, CM as soon as you can!
3. I need to discuss something with you about our project, CM whenever you have a chance.

Overall, the use of CM can save time and help facilitate effective communication in a busy world where people are constantly on the go.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "cm"

aicmfp :
and I claim my five pounds
cm :
call me
cma :
Cover My Ass
cmao :
Crying My Ass Off
cmar :
cry me a river
cmb :
comment me back
cmbo :
cmcp :
call my cell phone
cmeo :
crying my eyes out
cmh :
Call My House
cmiiw :
correct me if I'm wrong
cmitm :
Call me in the morning
cml :
call me later
cml8r :
call me later
cmliuw2 :
call me later if you want to
cmn :
call me now
cmomc :
call me on my cell
cmon :
Come on
cmplcdd :
cmplte :
cmptr :
cms :
content management system
cmt :
cmw :
cutting my wrists
iucmd :
if you catch my drift
Mcm :
Man crush Monday
mmbocmb :
message me back or comment me back
pcm :
please call me
Waycm :
Why are you calling me
wcm :
Women Crush Monday
wlcm :
wwycm :
when will you call me
wycm :
Will You Call Me
ycmtsu :
You Can't Make This s**t Up

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