Definition & Meaning of "MCM"

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mcm :
Man crush Monday

Usage of MCM

MCM is a popular social media abbreviation that stands for "Man Crush Monday." It is used on Mondays to express admiration or attraction towards a male individual. The term is often accompanied by a photo or a short description of the person being highlighted.

Examples of MCM used in texting:
1) "Hey girl, have you seen my MCM this week? He's the ultimate heartthrob." - Example of MCM as a way to express attraction towards a male crush.
2) "Happy Monday everyone! Here's my MCM of the week, he's the brains and the beauty." - Example of MCM as a way to highlight an admired male individual.
3) "Can't wait to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday today! He's my forever MCM." - Example of MCM as a way to express affection towards a significant other.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "Mcm"

Mcm :
Man crush Monday

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