Definition & Meaning of "CMPLTE"

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cmplte :

Usage of CMPLTE

The abbreviation CMPLTE is a shorthand way of writing the word 'complete'. The term complete means having all the necessary or appropriate parts, elements, or steps; fully finished or done. This could apply to tasks, projects, or goals that have been fully accomplished or finished. It could also refer to something being comprehensive, thorough or whole.

Examples of CMPLTE used in texting:

1. Hey, just wanted to let you know that the report you asked for is CMPLTE and ready to be reviewed. (Example of CMPLTE used in a work-related conversation)

2. I’m so glad I finally cmplted all of my finals today! Now I’m free for summer! (Example of CMPLTE used in a personal conversation)

3. Hey, could you please make sure the checklist is CMPLTE before starting the project? We don’t want to forget anything important. (Example of CMPLTE used in an organizational task-related conversation)

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cmplte :

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