Definition & Meaning of "TTYNL"

What does ttynl mean? View the definition of ttynl and all related slang terms containing ttynl below:

ttynl :
talk to you never loser

Usage of TTYNL

The abbreviation TTYNL stands for "talk to you never loser" and is considered a harsh and rude way to end communication with someone. It implies that the person using the abbreviation has no interest in ever talking to the receiver again and considers them a loser or not worth their time. The use of TTYNL is considered impolite and can be hurtful to the receiver.

Example of TTYNL used in texting:
1. Person A: Hey, can we talk about what happened yesterday?
Person B: Sorry, I don't have time for losers like you. TTYNL
2. Person A: Can we grab lunch later?
Person B: I don't hang out with losers. TTYNL
3. Person A: I'm sorry if I offended you, can we resolve this?
Person B: No need to apologize, losers like you aren't worth my time. TTYNL

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ttynl"

ttynl :
talk to you never loser

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