Definition & Meaning of "DYNK"

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dynk :
do you not know

Usage of DYNK

The abbreviation DYNK is a shorthand way of saying, "do you not know." It's often used in text messages as a way of expressing surprise or disbelief that someone doesn't have the knowledge or information being discussed. For instance, if someone is discussing a popular TV show and their friend hasn't seen it, they might reply with "DYNK that show is amazing!" as a way of expressing their surprise that their friend hasn't heard of it.

Examples of DYNK used in texting:
1. A: Hey, have you heard about the new restaurant in town?
B: DYNK, I haven't! Tell me more.

2. A: Did you know that the Earth is not actually flat?
B: DYNK! I thought that was just a conspiracy theory.

3. A: Can you believe that Jake hasn't read Harry Potter yet?
B: DYNK, how could anyone not have read those books?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "dynk"

dynk :
do you not know

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