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sn :
screen name


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "sn"

absnt :
bzns :
d/m :
Doesn't Matter
enit :
isn't it
fsod :
frosn screen of death
iajsn :
I am just scraping noslang.com
init :
isn't it
innit :
isn't it
iwsn :
i want sex now
kicks :
lcsnpc :
low cost small notebook personal computer
lurker :
one who reads but doesn't reply
msngr :
oob :
out of buisness
prsn :
psn :
playstation netwok
rsn :
real soon now
smst :
somebody missed snack time
sn :
screen name
snafu :
situation normal all f**ked up
snafubar :
Situation Normal All f**ked Up Beyond Any Recognition
snes :
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
snew :
what's new
snf :
so not fair
snl :
Saturday Night Live
snm :
say no more
snog :
snogged :
sqtm :
snickering quietly to myself
tisnf :
that is so not fair
tsnf :
that's so not fair
wdhlm :
why doesnt he love me?

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