Definition & Meaning of "MSNGR"

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msngr :

Usage of MSNGR

In texting, MSNGR is an abbreviation for messenger. A messenger is a communication tool that allows users to exchange messages in real-time. It is widely used in today's digital age to communicate with friends or colleagues. Using MSNGR as a shorthand for messenger is a common practice in text messaging or online chatting.

Examples of MSNGR used in texting:

1. Are you on MSNGR? Let's chat about our plans for this weekend. (Example of MSNGR used in texting)

2. Sorry, I can't talk right now. Can you send me a message on MSNGR instead? (Example of MSNGR used in texting)

3. I met someone interesting on MSNGR last night. We're planning to meet up soon. (Example of MSNGR used in texting)

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msngr :

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