Definition & Meaning of "HB"

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hb :
hurry back

hb means "hurry back"


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "hb"

buhbi :
Bye Bye
fmhb :
f**k me hard b***h
g2hb :
go to hell b***h
gthb :
go to hell b***h
hb :
hurry back
hb4b :
hoes before bros
hbd :
happy birthday
hbic :
head b***h in charge
hbii :
how big is it
hbu :
how about you
hbuf :
how about your family
hby :
how about you
imhbco :
In my humble but correct opinion
kmhba :
kiss my hairy big ass
n2mhbu :
not too much how about you?
nmhbu :
nothing much how about you
pihb :
pee in his/her butt
piihb :
put it in her butt
smhb :
suck my hairy balls
tchbo :
Topic creater has been owned
tthb :
try to hurry back
wtfhb :
what the f**king hell b***h
yhbt :
you've been trolled

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