Definition & Meaning of "GTG"

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gtg :
got to go

Usage of GTG

The abbreviation 'GTG' is a colloquialism used in texting, social media, and online messaging platforms. It stands for "got to go" and is usually used as a polite way to let someone know that the conversation is ending and that you need to leave. This can be because of a prior engagement, a time constraint, or even just the need to sign out of the messaging platform. Essentially, it is a quick and efficient way to communicate with someone that you are leaving the conversation.

Example 1:
Person A: "Hey, I really enjoyed talking to you, but I have to GTG. Talk to you later!"
Person B: "Sure thing, catch you later!"

Example 2:
Person A: "This has been great, but I have an early morning tomorrow. I GTG."
Person B: "No worries, thanks for chatting! Sleep well!"

Example 3:
Person A: "Sorry to cut this short, but I have to GTG for a meeting."
Person B: "No problem, good luck with your meeting! Talk to you soon!"

(Examples of GTG used in texting)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gtg"

gtg :
got to go
gtgb :
got to go bye
gtgbb :
got to go bye bye
gtgfn :
got to go for now
gtglyb :
got to go love you bye
gtgmmiloms :
got to go my mum is looking over my shoulder
gtgn :
got to go now
gtgp :
got to go pee
gtgpp :
got to go pee pee
gtgtb :
got to go to bed
gtgtpirio :
got to go the price is right is on
gtgtwn :
Got to go to work now
igtg :
i've got to go
igtgt :
I got to go tinkle
irgtgbtw :
I've really got to get back to work

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