Definition & Meaning of "IGTGT"

What does igtgt mean? View the definition of igtgt and all related slang terms containing igtgt below:

igtgt :
I got to go tinkle

Usage of IGTGT

The abbreviation 'IGTGT' is commonly used in texting to indicate the need to use the restroom. The meaning behind 'IGTGT' is 'I got to go tinkle' which is a more polite way of saying 'I need to go pee'. It is often used when an individual is in a situation where they need to excuse themselves to use the bathroom, and are in a hurry to do so. As an 18-year-old who is well-versed in texting, it is important to know these common abbreviations to effectively communicate with friends.

Examples of IGTGT used in texting:

1) Hey sorry, gotta run IGTGT.
2) This movie is so long, IGTGT during the next break.
3) Haha, that joke was funny but IGTGT, be right back!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "igtgt"

igtgt :
I got to go tinkle

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