Definition & Meaning of "GTGFN"

What does gtgfn mean? View the definition of gtgfn and all related slang terms containing gtgfn below:

gtgfn :
got to go for now

Usage of GTGFN

GTGFN stands for 'got to go for now'. It is commonly used as an abbreviation in text messages to indicate that the sender needs to leave the conversation temporarily. It is often used in situations where the sender needs to attend to something urgent, or where they simply need to take a break from the conversation.

Example of GTGFN used in texting:

1. "Hey, sorry to cut this short but I've got a meeting in 5 mins. GTGFN!" (Examples of GTGFN used in texting)

2. "I'm really exhausted and need to take a nap. Can we catch up later? GTGFN" (Examples of GTGFN used in texting)

3. "I've got to finish up some work before the deadline. Talk to you later. GTGFN!" (Examples of GTGFN used in texting)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gtgfn"

gtgfn :
got to go for now

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