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fs :
For Sure


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fs"

4fs :
for f**k's sake
aufsm :
are you f**king shiting me
ayfs :
Are You f**king Serious
bbfs :
best boyfriends
bbifs :
be back in a few seconds
bfs :
dafs :
do a f**king search
defs :
fcfs :
first come first served
ffs :
for f**k's sake
fs :
For Sure
fse :
Funniest s**t Ever
fsho :
for sure
fsm :
flying spaghetti monster
fsob :
f**king son of a b***h
fsod :
frosn screen of death
fsr :
for some reason
fst :
ftbfs :
Failed to build from source
hfs :
holy f**king s**t!
hfsbm :
holy f**king s**t batman
idgafs :
I don't give a f**king s**t
lafs :
love at first sight
ligafs :
like I give a flying s**t
mflfs :
married female looking for sex
mmlfs :
married man looking for sex
nfs :
not for sale
omfsm :
Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster
pmfsl :
piss my f**king self laughing
rtfs :
read the f**king summary
sfs :
so f**king stupid
sfsg :
So far so good
sofs :
same old f**king s**t
tfs :
thanks for sharing
tifs :
this is funny s**t
utfs :
Use the f**king search
utfse :
use the f**king search engine
wtfs :
what the f**king s**t?

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