Definition & Meaning of "FS"

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fs :
For Sure

Usage of FS

The abbreviation FS stands for the phrase “for sure.” It is a more informal way of expressing an affirmative answer to a question and conveying a sense of certainty or assurance. Examples of using the abbreviation in text messages might be:

1. "Do you want to meet for coffee tomorrow? FS"
2. "Are you available to take the call right now? FS"
3. "Will you be able to get the project done by the deadline? FS"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fs"

4fs :
for f**k's sake
aufsm :
are you f**king shiting me
ayfs :
Are You f**king Serious
bbfs :
best boyfriends
bbifs :
be back in a few seconds
bfs :
dafs :
do a f**king search
defs :
dfs :
down for sex
fcfs :
first come first served
ffs :
for f**k's sake
fs :
For Sure
fse :
Funniest s**t Ever
fsho :
for sure
fsm :
flying spaghetti monster
fsob :
f**king son of a b***h
fsod :
frosn screen of death
fsr :
for some reason
fst :
ftbfs :
Failed to build from source
hfs :
holy f**king s**t!
hfsbm :
holy f**king s**t batman
idgafs :
I don't give a f**king s**t
lafs :
love at first sight
ligafs :
like I give a flying s**t
mflfs :
married female looking for sex
mmlfs :
married man looking for sex
nfs :
not for sale
omfsm :
Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster
pmfsl :
piss my f**king self laughing
rtfs :
read the f**king summary
sfs :
so f**king stupid
sfsg :
So far so good
sofs :
same old f**king s**t
tfs :
thanks for sharing
tifs :
this is funny s**t
utfs :
Use the f**king search
utfse :
use the f**king search engine
wtfs :
what the f**king s**t?

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