Definition & Meaning of "TFS"

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tfs :
thanks for sharing

Usage of TFS

The abbreviation TFS is commonly used in text messaging as a way to express gratitude to someone who has shared something with you, whether it’s information, a photo, or just a personal experience. TFS stands for 'thanks for sharing'. This abbreviation is often used to acknowledge someone’s contribution to a conversation or group chat, and to show appreciation for their effort in sharing something valuable.

Example 1 of TFS used in texting:

Friend #1: Hey guys, I found this amazing restaurant last night. The food was delicious!
Friend #2: That sounds great, TFS!
Friend #3: Yeah, thanks for sharing. We should go there together sometime!

Example 2 of TFS used in texting:

Mom: I'm so proud of your grades this semester!
Child: TFS Mom, I couldn't have done it without your support and encouragement!

Example 3 of TFS used in texting:

Coworker: Here are the updated project documents you requested.
You: TFS, this will help me get started on the next phase of the project.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tfs"

rtfs :
read the f**king summary
tfs :
thanks for sharing
utfs :
Use the f**king search
utfse :
use the f**king search engine
wtfs :
what the f**king s**t?

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