Definition & Meaning of "4FS"

What does 4fs mean? View the definition of 4fs and all related slang terms containing 4fs below:

4fs :
for f**k's sake

Usage of 4FS

The abbreviation 4FS is a slang term commonly used to express frustration or annoyance. It stands for 'for f**k's sake' and is often used in informal situations where cursing is acceptable. The phrase implies that the situation at hand is frustrating or ridiculous and the speaker is expressing their exasperation.

Example of 4FS used in texting:
1. "I can't find my keys 4FS! I'm already running late for my meeting!"
2. "My roommate ate my leftovers again 4FS!"
3. "I've been waiting in this line for 30 minutes 4FS. When will they open up more checkouts?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "4fs"

4fs :
for f**k's sake

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