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bd :

Usage of BD

In texting world, the abbreviation BD is used to refer to 'birthday'. When someone writes BD in the text, it means that they are acknowledging someone's birthday or wishing them a happy birthday. It is a common abbreviation that saves time and space while texting.

Examples of BD used in texting:

1. Hey! Just wanted to wish you a very Happy BD! Have an amazing day and stay blessed.
(Example of BD used to wish someone a happy birthday)

2. Don't forget to wish John a happy BD today!
(Example of BD used to remind someone of someone else's birthday)

3. I am so excited for my BD celebration tonight! Can't wait to party with my friends!
(Example of BD used to refer to one's own birthday)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bd"

abd :
Already Been Done
bd :
bday :
bde :
big d**k energy
bdfl :
Benevolent Dictator For Life
bdy :
cylbd :
catch ya later baby doll
hbd :
happy birthday
hpybdy :
happy birthday
inbd :
it's no big deal
nbd :
no big deal
nbdy :
omginbd :
Oh my God, It's no big deal
pcbd :
page cannot be displayed
sbd :
silent but deadly
smbd :
suck my big d**k
tbd :
to be decided
wtbd :
what's the big deal

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