Definition & Meaning of "NBD"

What does nbd mean? View the definition of nbd and all related slang terms containing nbd below:

nbd :
no big deal

Usage of NBD

NBD is an abbreviation commonly used in text messaging to convey that something is not of great importance or significance. It is often used to reassure others that a situation or request is not a big deal and that they do not need to worry or stress about it. The use of NBD can help keep conversations light and casual, while also minimizing potential misunderstandings.

Examples of NBD used in texting:
1. Friend: Hey, can I borrow your hoodie for tonight?
You: Sure, NBD.

2. Parent: I'm running late to pick you up from school.
You: NBD, take your time.

3. Co-worker: Sorry for sending the email so late.
You: NBD, I just saw it now anyway.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "nbd"

inbd :
it's no big deal
nbd :
no big deal
nbdy :
omginbd :
Oh my God, It's no big deal

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