Definition & Meaning of "SBD"

What does sbd mean? View the definition of sbd and all related slang terms containing sbd below:

sbd :
silent but deadly

Usage of SBD

The abbreviation SBD is used to describe a particular type of flatulence that is silent but emits a foul odor. This phrase is often used humorously, especially among friends and family. An SBD can often catch people off guard, as there is no audible warning that it is about to happen, making it all the more embarrassing.

Examples of SBD used in texting:

1. "Sorry for the SBD, I had beans for lunch."
2. "I just let out an SBD during the meeting...I hope no one noticed."
3. "My roommate is notorious for sbds, I need to invest in some air freshener."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "sbd"

sbd :
silent but deadly

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