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Usage of NBDY

The slang term 'NBDY' is an abbreviation for the word 'nobody'. It is commonly used in text messaging and social media to refer to someone who is unimportant or insignificant. People use this abbreviation to express that they don't care about something or someone, or to dismiss someone's actions or words as unimportant. NBDY is often used in a casual and lighthearted way, and it is a quick and easy way to communicate a message without having to type out the full word.

Examples of NBDY used in texting:

1. "I asked if anyone wanted to go out tonight, but NBDY responded. Guess I'll just stay in."

2. "I saw my ex at the party last night, but NBDY talked to him. It was so awkward."

3. "Why are you so worried about what he thinks? He's NBDY, just ignore him."

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nbdy :

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