Rejected Slang Terms

The rejected terms are sorted by letter. Click on a letter above to see the corresponding slang terms and definitions.

At NoSlang, we get a lot of slang submissions each day. Unfortunately we can't just accept anything into the database. The terms we accept have to be in wide use on the internet (basically, they have to show up if we Google them!). Until now, the less popular terms have just fallen by the wayside - to be forever forgotten and ignored by the slang dictionary. Not anymore!

Below are the words deemed not good enough to make it into the dictionary. While they may not be widely used, we recognize that they may be used by somebody - so if you can't find it in the main dictionary you may be able to find it here.

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obg :
Oldies, but Goodies
of :
old fart
offa :
off the
offs :
Oh For f**ks Sake
ofkl :
On Floor Kinda laughing
oiass :
oh i am so sorry
okmmc :
obese kids make me cry
okthnx :
oh ok thnx
om :
oh my
oma :
oh my allah
omb :
On My Boobs
ombc :
oh my biblical characters
omc :
Oh My Crap
omcg :
oh my crazy god
omd :
oh my days
omd :
Oh My Days
omf :
off my face
omfgdmfsoba :
oh my f**king god damn mother f**king son of a b***h a**h**e
omfglmfao :
Oh my f**king god laughing my f**king ass off
omfgmf :
oh my f**king god motherf**ker
oh my f**king god what in the hell just happened to you laughing my f**king ass off
omfgwtflolbbq :
oh my f**king god what the f**k laugh out loud barbeque
omfng :
oh my f**king noob god
omfrg :
Oh my freaking God
omgb :
Oh My Gosh Becky
omgdmp :
oh my god do me please
omgili :
Oh My God I Iove It
omgitihab :
oh my god i think i had a baby
omgmmisrbm :
oh my god my mom is standing right behind me
omgmrico :
oh my god my rubber is coming off
omgsunw :
oh my gosh shut up no way
omgtenactemhoaimgrs :
Oh my god, the evil nazis are coming to eat my hair off and I am getting really scared
omgtwsiss :
oh my god this web site is so stupid
omgwtfbbqgrass :
oh my god, what the f**k, barbeque grass!
omjb :
oh my jonas brothers
oml :
oh my life
ommfgwtf :
Oh my mother f**king god what the f**k
ommfgwtfh :
oh my mother f**king god what the f**king hell
ommfgwtfhusoab :
oh my mother f**king god what the f**king hell u son of a b***h
ommfgwth :
oh my mother f**king god what the hell
ons :
one night stand
oop :
out of protection
oot :
ocarina of time (game)
opwntrw :
Old People Who Need This ret*rded Website
osom :
otd :
older than dirt
ototaaau :
Only Ten Of These Acronyms Are Actually Used
ottntp :
on the toliet no toliet paper
ow :
ok whatever
owtfhax :
Oh, What the f**k, hacks
oyg :
oh your god
oys :
over your shoulder
oz :
Top :
Twenty One Pilots