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Internet slang consists of slang and acronyms that users have created as an effort to save keystrokes. Terms have originated from various sources including Bulletin Boards, AIM, Yahoo, IRC, Chat Rooms, Email, Cell Phone Text Messaging, and some even as far back as World War II.

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c-note :
$100 Bill
c/f :
Cluster f**k
c/w :
c0k :
cabtd :
Cats Are Better Than Dogs
cal :
Cyberathlete Amateur League
cbh :
can't be helped
cbs :
couldn't be screwed
ccih :
calebs c**k is huge
ccp :
Cool Cute Popular
cd :
calm down
cf :
Cat Fight
cfh :
Cowboys From Hell
cgby :
cute guy behind you
chac2 :
can't hold a candle to
chic :
chkitout :
check it out
chos :
cicyv :
can i see your vagina
cifyp :
can i f**k you please?
cin :
cisshchs :
cassandra is so s**tty her crabs have std's
cmeol :
crying my eyes out laughing
cmicp :
cheap made in china product
cmiuc :
catch me if you can
cns :
chicken noodle soup
cntbg :
c**t Bag
cnug :
can you get
cnwfk :
can we f**k
com :
c** on me
comf :
c** on my face
comnkd :
completely naked
cool :
Constapated overwieghted out of style loser
coti :
Creep Of The Internet
coy :
crazy over you
cpa :
cut-paste artist
cre8 :
crib :
crmhsicry :
c** round my house so i can rape you
crnimua :
cant right now I'm making up acronyms
csb :
cool story bro
cscz :
Counter-Strike Condition Zero
csrn :
Can't speak right now
css :
Counter-Strike Source
ctfh :
can't tell from here
cth :
call the house
ctp :
call the police
cualad :
see you around like a dohnut
cul8trgtr :
see you later alligator
culb :
See you later b***h
cum :
cunxtyr :
see you next year
cupsu :
could you please shut up
cusya :
can you see your a**
cut :
see you there
cw :
cwl :
cwtfy :
Can't Wait to f**k you
cwtgiyp :
can't wait to get in your panties
cxy :
cyi :
check your inbox
cz :
conditon zero