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b-lo :
b/a :
birth announcment
b/m :
bar mitzvah
ba :
bad ass
babz :
bac :
Berries and cream!
bacap :
Be As Cool As Possible
bal :
break a leg
bass :
b***h ass
bat :
big ass titties
bay :
back at you
bb4l :
bad boy for life
bbb :
bye bye b***h
bbbjcim :
bare back blow job c** in mouth
bbbjtc :
bare back blow job to completition
bbc :
big black c**k
bbiwc :
be back in a while crocodile
bbmfic :
big black mouther f**ker in charge
bcou :
because of you
beach :
beg :
big evil grin
bep :
Black Eyed Peas
Back From Being Away From Keyboard
bfbfl :
Best f**k buddie for life
bfdb :
big fat d****e bag
bfff :
best friend for forever
bfffl :
best friends for f**king life
bfflaanmw :
best friends for life and always no matter what
bfflabnmw :
best friends for life and beyond no matter what
bfflead :
Best friend for life, even after death
bffttandc :
best friend for today tommorow and next day continusely
bffttwgb :
best friends forever til the world goes bang
bffutsolfdwin :
best friends forever until the statue of liberty falls down which is never
bffwgsaly :
best freinds forever who go shopping a lot yo
bffwtalotfagsatt :
best friends forever who talk a lot on the phone and go shopping all the time
bfhm :
Big fat hairy man
bfl :
b***h for life
bfmn :
butt f**k me now
bfo :
b***h f**k off
bfplz :
be friend please
bftimsb :
best friends till I meet someone better
bfwb :
best female with benefits
bhimbgo :
Bloody Hell I Must Be Getting Old
bhm :
Black Hat Man (from
bhmf :
Blondes have more fun
bias :
back in a sec
bidw :
but i dont wanna!
biffles :
Best friends
Bifily :
Before I forget, I love you
bily :
but I love you
bio :
bring it on
bjb :
bond james bond
bjih :
Best Joke I've Heard
blfe :
b***h lovers forever
bllin :
blos :
brother looming over shoulder
blt :
bacon lettuce tomato
blw :
bm43n3 :
best mates for ever and ever
bmg :
be my girlfreind
bmm :
blows my mind
bmth :
bring me the horizon
bmttfe :
best mates til the f**king end
bmv :
be my valentine
bmw :
be my wife
bmwb :
best male with benefits
bnc :
Bouncer IRC
bner :
bnkch :
bank character
bob :
back off b***h
boc :
But of course
bok :
Back on keyboard
boma :
best of mates always
boobs :
bot :
botd :
Bring Out The Dead
bp :
beer pong
bplz :
b***h please
brbigtgp :
be right back, i got to go pee
brbinte :
Be right back i need to eat
brbmpawoms :
Be right back, my parents are watching over my shoulder.
brfhrn :
be real f**king honest right now
bsilf :
bens sister id like to f**k
bsofd :
Blue Screen of f**king Death
bstl :
Balls Stuck To Leg
bsw :
b***h s**t w***e
btdtgttsawio :
been there, done that, got the t-shirt and wore it out
btdtgttswio :
been there done that got the t-shirt wore it out
btee :
btfwi :
By the f**king way idiot
btmc :
b***h Took My Chips
bttpmu :
be there to pick me up
btwitiailwy :
by the way I think I am in love with you
btwitiainlwy :
By the way i think i am in love with you
bu :
butt ugly
buff :
good looking
butts3xs :
butt sex
bw :
bwb :
b***h with boobs
bwboin :
beware boss is near
bwlotf :
Bursting With Laughing On The Floor
bygts :
baby you got to stop
byitf :
bust you in the face
bylasc :
beat you like a step child
lbnolbiwfetalol :
laughing but not out loud because it wasn't funny enough to actually laugh out loud