Rejected Slang Terms

The rejected terms are sorted by letter. Click on a letter above to see the corresponding slang terms and definitions.

At NoSlang, we get a lot of slang submissions each day. Unfortunately we can't just accept anything into the database. The terms we accept have to be in wide use on the internet (basically, they have to show up if we Google them!). Until now, the less popular terms have just fallen by the wayside - to be forever forgotten and ignored by the slang dictionary. Not anymore!

Below are the words deemed not good enough to make it into the dictionary. While they may not be widely used, we recognize that they may be used by somebody - so if you can't find it in the main dictionary you may be able to find it here.

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Click a Letter to See Corresponding Text Slang:

g2b :
going to be
g2fh :
go to f**king hell
g2gf :
got to go f**k
g2gmazdrb8 :
got to go masturbate
g4lyfe :
gangster for life
g4p :
gay for pay
g@l :
gab :
gay ass b***h
gafs :
go and f**k somebody
gagl :
go and get laid
gap :
gay and proud
gaptist :
A gay Baptist.
gawjus :
gawjuss :
gbfp :
Gold bond foot powder
gbh :
go back home
gco :
Google Check Out
gd2g :
good 2 go
gdiah :
Go Die in a Hole
gdmf :
God Damn Mother f**ker
gdmfsob :
god damn mother f**king son of a b***h
geme :
give me
gesumblz :
go eat some balls
gfag :
go f**k a goat
gfc :
going for coffee
gfdi :
God f**king Dammit
gftw :
go for the win
gfum :
go f**k your mom
gfyao :
go fix yourself an omelete
gfyf :
Go f**k Your Father
gfyyb :
go f**k yourself you b***h
ggabj :
Go get a blow job
ggafj :
go get a f**king job
ggasda :
go get a slang dictionary already
ggl :
go get laid
ggwab :
good god what a booty
ghas :
go home and sleep
ghf :
go home f**
gicsuslang! :
God I Cant Stop Using Slang!
gida :
google it dumb ass
gimb :
get in my bed
girlf :
Girl I Really Like f**king
gitc :
get in the car
glass dick :
crack pipe
gld wrs :
Guild Wars
glup :
God loves ugly people
gmac :
gmballawb :
Gripping My Balls And Laughing Like A Wild Banshee
gmh :
give me head
gmto :
giggling my teeth off
gnah :
good night ass hole
gnfcmh :
get naked in front of camera im horny
Gntytn :
Good night to you tonight
go :
get out
Goat :
Greatest of all time
Goat :
Greatest of all time
greatest of all time
goat :
greatest of all time
godip :
go die in peace
gom :
Get Off Me
goma :
get off my ass
Gomd :
Get off my d**k
gomd :
get on my d**k
goomw :
get out of my way
goopaloop :
goty :
game of the year
goyk :
Get On Your Knees
gre8 :
grih :
go rot in hell
grimp :
goblins are inside my pants
grk :
groinded :
hit in the groin
gs :
great shot
gsadyb :
Go Suck A d**k You Bich
gstq :
god save the queen
gtc :
got to crap
gtfafm :
Get the f**k away from me
gtfaw :
Get The f**k Away
gtfomhnb :
Get the f**k out my house n****r b***h
gtfonyah :
Get the f**k off now you a**h**e
gtgttbr :
got to go to the bathroom
gthufb :
go to hell you f**king b*****d
gtitrght :
Get It Right
gtkm :
going to kill myself
gtl :
got to leave
gtnstnd :
getting stoned
gtsb :
go to sleep b***h
gttm :
Gross to the max
Gucci :
gyt :
Get Yourself Tested
gz :