Rejected Slang Terms

The rejected terms are sorted by letter. Click on a letter above to see the corresponding slang terms and definitions.

At NoSlang, we get a lot of slang submissions each day. Unfortunately we can't just accept anything into the database. The terms we accept have to be in wide use on the internet (basically, they have to show up if we Google them!). Until now, the less popular terms have just fallen by the wayside - to be forever forgotten and ignored by the slang dictionary. Not anymore!

Below are the words deemed not good enough to make it into the dictionary. While they may not be widely used, we recognize that they may be used by somebody - so if you can't find it in the main dictionary you may be able to find it here.

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Click a Letter to See Corresponding Text Slang:

d&d :
drag and drop
d2f :
down to f**k
d2smd :
Down to suck my d**k
d3 :
Diablo 3
dab :
dumb ass b***h
dae :
does anybody else
dajr :
do a job right
dank :
das :
drugs at school
Don't Bother Asking
dbd :
don't be dumb
dbe :
Don't be evil
dblsh :
Die by laughing so hard
dbs :
don't be silly
ddavd :
prescription drug
ddujp :
dude, did you just pee?
degt :
Don't even go there.
den :
dfa :
down for anything
dfnt :
deffinatly not
don't forget to like and subscribe and hit that notification bell so you won't miss any of my videos
dftp :
don't forget the protection
dhj :
dry hand job
diabhofah :
die in a burning hole of fire and hatred
diaff :
die in a forest fire
diahb :
die in a hole b***h
dim :
did i mention
dimbak :
Dancing in my bra and knickers
dino :
dir :
dad in room
ditf :
d**k In The Face
ditto :
same thing
diw :
dad is watching
diwm :
do it with me
diyr :
Do It Yourself ret*rd
diz :
dlam :
Don't look at me
dlitm :
don't look in the mirror
dlnyfu :
don't look now your flys undone
dlwassof :
dies laughing with a smile still on face
dmb :
Dave Matthews Band
dmg :
do me good
dnc :
does not compute
do'h :
damn it
doc :
drug of choice
dods :
Day of Defeat: Source
dofl :
Dying on the floor laughing
dontlk2me :
dont talk to me
dot :
Damage over time.
dota :
Defense of the Ancients
dough :
dps :
damage per second
dq :
drama queen
drigh :
drl :
drmn :
don't read my notebook
ds :
doggie style
dsl :
d**k sucking lips
d**k sucking lips
dstryer :
dswchn :
don't swear children near
dtf :
down to f**k
dtfllic :
Does This Face Look Like I Care?
dttpay :
Donate To The Person Above You
duces :
dupgtasa :
do you play grand theft auto san andreas
durs :
Damn You Are Sexy
dwl :
deal with later
dygfhs :
did you graduate from high school
dyhbd :
Do You HAve A Big d**k
dyst :
did you see that
dyswisi :
do you smell what i'm steppin' in?
dywtgtdlatm :
Do you want to go to dinner later after the movie
idwydls :
i know what you did last summer