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This dictionary consists of text slang and internet acronyms that users have submitted. All terms are reviewed by a real person before being added to the dictionary. Some Slang terms have originated from various other sources including Bulletin Boards, AIM, Yahoo, IRC, Chat Rooms, Email, Cell Phone Text Messaging, and some even as far back as World War II.

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ilysmttmab :
i love you so much to the moon and back
l83r :
l8deez :
lagnaf :
Lets all get naked and f**k
lamaol :
Laughing at my a** out loud
lao :
Lights are off
lap :
like a pimp
lax :
layf :
look at your face
lba :
Leave Britney alone
lbd :
long black dress
lbrs :
Lower Blackrock Spire (World of Warcraft reference)
lbs :
laughing but serious
ledliwbyl :
live each day like it will be your last
lemaln :
leave me alone
lfb :
let's f**k baby
lfh :
lets f**k hard
lfmf :
learn from my fail
lfrn :
lets f**k right now
lg :
lets go
lh6 :
Let's have sex
lhsiyb :
lets have sex in your bed
liaau :
love is all around us!
limc :
laughing in my chair
lll :
Laugh Laugh Laugh
lls :
laughing like s**t
lm :
lick me
lmal :
let me ask loudly
lmaonaise :
laugh my a** off
lmaoship :
Laugh My a** Off So Hard I Peed
lmaoshmsfoaidmt :
laughing my a** of so hard my sombrero fell off and i dropped my taco.
lmaotsf :
laugh my a** of thats so funny
lmbffao :
laugh my big fat f**king a** off
lmc :
Lick My c**t
lmcbw :
Little Miss Cant Be Wrong
lmfaoitr :
laughing my f**king a** of in the rain
lmfaottm :
laughing my f**king ase off to the max
lmfdo :
laugh my f**king d**k off
lmfgao :
Laughing my f**king gay a** off
lmfhao :
laughing my f**king hairy a** off
lmflyao :
laughing my fly a** off
lmfn :
lick my f**king nuts
lmfsao :
laughing my f**king sexy a** off
lmiaosfhism :
Laughed My Irish Arse Off So f**king Hard I s**t Myself
lmirlaftmf :
lets meet in real life and fight then mother f**ker
lmlgao :
Laughing my little gay a** off
lmln :
lick my left nut
lmlo :
laugh my lungs out
lmmfaho :
laughing my mother f**king a**h**e off
lmpg :
let my people go
lmprao :
Laugh My Puerto Rican a** Off
lmsi :
let me suck it
lmssb :
let me see some boobs
lmsys :
let me see your stuff
lmtao :
laugh my thick a** off
lmv :
lick my vagina
lmwao :
laughing my white a** off
lmwfao :
laughing my white fat a** off
lmwip :
Lick me where I pee
lnw :
like no way
lo179l :
lo85l :
lobat :
love our big a** titties
lofol :
Lots Of f**king Out Loud
lofy :
looking out for you
lokz :
lola&f :
lots of love always and forever
lolf&a :
lots of love forever and always
lolroflmao :
laughing out loud rolling on the floor laughing my a** off
lolrotfpmp :
laughing out loud rolling on the floor peeing my pants
lolsltprstsatwitiawihl :
laughing out so loud that people are starting to stare asking themselves who is that idiot and why is he laughing
lolsroyce :
laugh out loud
loltsf :
laugh out loud that's so funny
lolucntghim :
laugh out loud you cant get him
lolwam :
laughing out loud with a monkey
lool :
Laughing Outrageously Out Loud
lorfl :
laugh out really f**king loud
loz :
Legend of Zelda
lqtmbiilolmpwtic :
laughing quietly to myself because if i laugh out loud, my parents would think im crazy
lqtmsbiwfefmtlol :
Laughing quietly to my self because it wasnt funny enoguh for me to laugh out loud
lsfl :
laughing so f**king loud
lshiafomdjkidhadbiidiniw :
Laughed so hard I almost fell off my dinosaur , just kidding , I don't have a dinosaur, but if I did I'd name it Wilbur!
lshidmtamsfo :
Laugh so hard I drop my taco and my sombraro fell off
lshipms :
Laughed so hard i peeped my self
lshkms :
laughing so hard killing myself
lshmah :
laughing so hard my a** hurts
lshmsfaidmt :
Laughing so hard my sobrero falls and i drop my taco
lshmsfoaidmt :
Laughing So Hard My Sombrero Falls Off and I Drop My Taco
lshmsh :
laughing so hard my sides hurt
lshmtuafimc :
Lauging so hard my turban unraveled and fell into my curry
lshtidmtamsfo :
laughing so hard that i dropped my taco and my sumbrero fell off
lsimciwnfefmtlol :
Laughing Silently In My Head Cause It Wasn't Funny Enough For Me To Laugh Out Loud.
lsiyjfmlxt :
ltba :
lucky to be alive
ltol :
lots of love
ltyss :
Laugh Till Your Sides Split
lu :
love you
lvlol :
Laughing Very Loud Out Loud
lwaym :
laughing with all your might
lwyg :
Look where you're going
lylasihiw :
love you like a sister i'd have incest with
lym :
love ya millions
lymy :
love you miss you
lys :
love you sexy
lysmm :
love you so much more
lytteotwab :
Love You Yo The End Of The World And Back
lyttmab :
Love you to the moon and back