Rejected Slang Terms

The rejected terms are sorted by letter. Click on a letter above to see the corresponding slang terms and definitions.

At NoSlang, we get a lot of slang submissions each day. Unfortunately we can't just accept anything into the database. The terms we accept have to be in wide use on the internet (basically, they have to show up if we Google them!). Until now, the less popular terms have just fallen by the wayside - to be forever forgotten and ignored by the slang dictionary. Not anymore!

Below are the words deemed not good enough to make it into the dictionary. While they may not be widely used, we recognize that they may be used by somebody - so if you can't find it in the main dictionary you may be able to find it here.

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Click a Letter to See Corresponding Text Slang:

ja :
just asking
jaja :
"haha" in spanish
jam :
just a minute
jaykays :
jbb :
just being bored
jbifadmihy :
Just because I'm freaking awesome doesn't mean I hate you
jbo :
just back off
jcimc :
jesus christ i'm coming
jclsf :
just chilling like strawberry filling
jcmf :
Jesus Christ motherf**ker
jco :
just chilling out
jeet :
did you eat
jelly :
jewb :
Jewish Noob
jez :
jfm :
just f**k me
jib :
jeez im bored
jimp :
jizz in my pants
jjoh :
Just Jet On Humper
jkiess :
jkma :
Just kiss my ass
jobros :
jonas brothers
joi :
jump on it
joob :
jew's boob
jotd :
Jack Off Then Decide
jrar :
jrpg :
Japanese Role Playing Game