Definition & Meaning of "TL"

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tl :
Tough Luck

Usage of TL

The abbreviation "TL" is commonly used in texting to mean "Tough Luck." This expression is typically used in response to someone who has experienced an unfortunate situation, and essentially means "that's too bad." It can be used as a somewhat sympathetic response, but is also sometimes used in a more dismissive or sarcastic way.

Examples of TL used in texting:

1. Friend 1: "I missed my flight and now I'm stranded at the airport."
Friend 2: "TL dude, hope you can figure something out."

2. Parent: "You didn't pass your driver's test? That's too bad."
Teen: "Ugh, TL mom. I'll try again next week."

3. Coworker 1: "I can't believe I didn't get the promotion."
Coworker 2: "TL man, but you'll get it next time."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tl"

4tlog :
for the love of god
atl :
dtl :
damn the luck
etla :
extended three letter acronym
ftl :
For The Lose
ftlog :
for the love of god
ftlt :
For the last time
ibtl :
In Before The Lock
Intl :
iwtly :
i want to love you
jtluk :
just to let you know
jtlyk :
just to let you know
jwtlyk :
Just wanted to let you know
kotl :
kiss on the lips
ltl :
Let's talk later
mtl :
more than likely
otl :
out to lunch
ptl :
Praise the Lord
rbtl :
Read between the lines
rtl :
report the loss
tl :
Tough Luck
tl,dr :
Too long; didn't read
tl8r :
talk later
tl:dr :
Too Long; Didn't Read
tl; dr :
To Long; Didn't read
tl;dr :
too long; didn't read
tla :
Three Letter Acronym
tlc :
tender loving care
tld :
tldnr :
too long, did not read
tldr :
Too long, didn't read.
tlgo :
The list goes on
tliwwv :
this link is worthless without video
tlk :
tlk2me :
talk to me
tlk2ul8r :
talk to you later
tlkin :
tlkn :
tltpr :
Too long to proof read.
tlyk :
to let you know
totl :
ttl :
ttlly :
ttly :
wan2tlk :
Want to talk
wtly :
Welcome to last year

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