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tl :
Tough Luck

What does tl mean?

tl means "Tough Luck"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tl"

4tlog :
for the love of god
atl :
bbialb :
Be back in a little bit
bbilb :
be back in a little bit
cvq :
chucking very quietly
defs :
dtl :
d**n the luck
etla :
extended three letter acronym
faq :
frequently asked question
ftl :
For The Lose
ftlog :
for the love of god
ftlt :
For the last time
hlb :
horny little b*****d
ibtl :
In Before The Lock
ih8mls :
I hate my little sister
iirc :
if I recall correctly
iiuc :
if I understand correctly
iwtly :
i want to love you
jtluk :
just to let you know
jtlyk :
just to let you know
jwtlyk :
Just wanted to let you know
kotl :
kiss on the lips
lal :
laughing a little
lbr :
little boy's room
lgf :
little green footballs
lgr :
little girls room
lil :
lmclao :
laughing my cute little a** off
lolq :
laugh out loud quietly
lolvq :
laugh out loud very quietly
lq :
Laughing Quietly
lq2m :
laughing quietly to myself
lqtm :
Laugh quietly to myself
lqtms :
Laughing quietly to myself
lqts :
laughing quietly to self
lrqtms :
laughing really quietly to myself
ltl :
Let's talk later
ltmq :
Laugh To Myself Quietly
mlp :
my little pony
mtl :
more than likely
otl :
out to lunch
ptl :
Praise the Lord
qltm :
quietly laughing to myself
rbtl :
Read between the lines
rtl :
report the loss
s.i.n.g.l.e :
Stay intoxicated nightly, get laid everyday.
sgtm :
slightly gigling to myself
slf :
sexy little f**k
sqtm :
snickering quietly to myself
sydlm :
Shut your dirty little mouth
syotbf :
see you on the battlefield
tbpfh :
To be perfectly f**king honest
tbph :
To be perfectly honest
tfbundy :
totaly f**ked but unfortunatly not dead yet
tl :
Tough Luck
tl,dr :
Too long; didn't read
tl8r :
talk later
tl:dr :
Too Long; Didn't Read
tl; dr :
To Long; Didn't read
tl;dr :
too long; didn't read
tla :
Three Letter Acronym
tlc :
tender loving care
tld :
tldnr :
too long, did not read
tldr :
Too long, didn't read.
tlgo :
The list goes on
tliwwv :
this link is worthless without video
tlk :
tlk2me :
talk to me
tlk2ul8r :
talk to you later
tlkin :
tlkn :
tltpr :
Too long to proof read.
tlyk :
to let you know
tmnt :
teenage mutant ninja turtles
totl :
ttihlic :
try to imagine how little i care
ttl :
ttlly :
ttly :
wan2tlk :
Want to talk
wtly :
Welcome to last year
wwe :
World Wrestling Entertainment
yapa :
yet another pointless acronym
ylb :
you little b***h

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