Definition & Meaning of "OTL"

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otl :
out to lunch

Usage of OTL

The abbreviation OTL stands for "out to lunch". This means that someone is temporarily unavailable because they are taking a break for lunch or have left for a meal. It's often used in professional settings when someone needs to step away from their desk or take a break from a meeting. It's also commonly used among friends and family to let others know that they won't be available for a period of time.

Example 1:
Friend 1: Hey, you want to grab lunch today?
Friend 2: Sorry, I'm OTL at the moment. Maybe tomorrow?

Example 2:
Colleague 1: Have you seen the report I sent over this morning?
Colleague 2: Sorry, I missed it. I was OTL for an hour earlier.

Example 3:
Parent: Can you run to the grocery store and grab some milk on your way home?
Teenager: Sure, but I won't be back for another hour. I'm OTL right now.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "otl"

kotl :
kiss on the lips
otl :
out to lunch
totl :

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