Definition & Meaning of "TLGO"

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tlgo :
The list goes on

Usage of TLGO

TLGO is an abbreviation for "The list goes on". It is a common phrase used in conversations to suggest that there are many items or things to mention, and therefore the conversation could go on indefinitely. In short, it means that there are too many things to list, and there is no point in trying to list them all.

Examples of TLGO used in texting:

1. Friend 1: "Why do you like watching documentaries so much?"
Friend 2: "Well, they're informative, educational, and entertaining. TLGO there are so many great ones to choose from!"

2. Person A: "Can you tell me some of the benefits of meditation?"
Person B: "Sure, it reduces stress, increases focus and concentration, and improves overall well-being. TLGO the benefits are numerous!"

3. Student 1: "Why should I join the debate club?"
Student 2: "Well, it improves critical thinking, public speaking skills, and teamwork. TLGO joining the club will benefit you in many ways!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tlgo"

tlgo :
The list goes on

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