Definition & Meaning of "TL:DR"

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tl:dr :
Too Long; Didn't Read

Usage of TL:DR

The abbreviation "TL:DR" is commonly used in online and text conversations to express that the writer found a particular article, post, or message to be too long and they didn't read the whole thing. It's often used to summarize the key points of a lengthy piece of text or to indicate disinterest in reading something that's too wordy or dense.

Example of TL:DR used in texting:
1) Texter 1: Did you finish reading that article I sent you yesterday?
Texter 2: Nah, it was TL:DR for me.

2) Texter 1: Can you explain the plot of that new movie to me?
Texter 2: Sure, but TL:DR version - it's about a group of friends on a road trip.

3) Texter 1: Hey, did you see that long Facebook status update from our friend?
Texter 2: No, I scrolled past it - TL:DR.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tl:dr"

tl:dr :
Too Long; Didn't Read

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