Definition & Meaning of "TLDNR"

What does tldnr mean? View the definition of tldnr and all related slang terms containing tldnr below:

tldnr :
too long, did not read

Usage of TLDNR

The abbreviation TLDNR is an abbreviation commonly used in texting to indicate that a message or piece of information is too lengthy, and the recipient did not have the time or desire to read through it in its entirety. It is often used as a polite way to inform the sender that their message was too lengthy and requires a shorter version or summary.

Examples of TLDNR used in texting:
1. Hey, I saw you sent me an essay on why pineapple belongs on pizza, but TLDNR. Can you give me a quick summary?
2. Sorry, I got distracted and missed your message. Can you resend it with a TLDNR this time?
3. I appreciate your detailed explanation of how to fix my bike, but TLDNR. Can you just tell me what part to replace?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tldnr"

tldnr :
too long, did not read

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