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tha :


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tha"

10q :
thank you
10x :
2getha :
3q :
thank you
3u :
thank you
aoto :
Amen on that one
atab :
Ain't That A b***h
btcn :
Better than Chuck Norris
btdt :
been there done that
btdtgtts :
Been there, done that, got the T-shirt
bttt :
been there, tried that
bykt :
But you knew that
clt :
Cool Like That
d2t :
drink to that
dat :
dats :
ddt :
Don't do that
degmt :
Don't Even Give Me That
dugt :
did you get that?
errythang :
fbtw :
Fine Be That Way
ft :
f**k THAT
ftb :
f**k That b***h
ftfy :
Fixed that for you
fts :
f**k that s**t
glwt :
good luck with that
gtha :
go the hell away
gthmf :
go to hell mothaf**ka
hdydt :
how did you do that
hfwt :
have fun with that
hth :
hope that helps
icbt :
i can't believe that
icbyst :
i cant believe you said that
idkt :
I don't know that
idlyitw :
i don't like you in that way
ifthtb :
i find that hard to belive
ifttt :
if this then that
ihistr :
i hope i spelled that right
ihiwydt :
I hate it when you do that
iht :
I heard that
ikt :
i knew that
ilykthnxbai :
i love you k thanks bye
ilymtyk :
i love you more than you know
ilymtylm :
i love you more than you love me
itc :
in that case
ittif :
I think that is fine
jlt :
just like that
kkthnxbye :
okay thanks bye
kthanxbi :
Okay, thanks. Bye.
kthnxbai :
Okay, thanks, bye
kthnxbye :
Okay, thanks, bye
kthx :
ok, thank you
kthxbai :
ok thanks bye!
kthxbi :
ok, thank you, goodbye
kthxbye :
ok, thank you, goodbye
kthxbye :
ok, thank you, goodbye
kthxgb :
ok thanks goodbye
kthxmn :
Ok Thanks Man
kthz :
ok thanks
ktnx :
Okay and Thanks
lat :
laugh at that
lmgtfy :
Let me Google that for you
lmty :
laughing more than you
mtl :
more than likely
mutha :
nawidt :
never again will i do that
nkt :
never knew that
nntst :
no need to say thanks
noty :
no thank you
nq :
Thank you
ntigaf :
not that i give a f**k
nttawwt :
Not that there is anything wrong with that
nttiawwt :
Not that there is anything wrong with that.
nty :
no thank you
nvmt :
nevermind that
omgty :
Oh my god thank you
omgwtfit :
Oh my God, what the f**k is that
oslt :
or something like that
plx :
plzkthx :
Please? OK, Thank you
plzthx :
please? Thanks
sbt :
sorry bout that
slt :
something like that
sroucks :
that's cool, but it still sucks
st :
Stop That
Tsm :
Thanks so much
t,ftfy :
there, fixed that for you
t4a :
thanks for asking
ta :
thanks again
taci :
that's a crappy idea
tafn :
That's all for now
taht :
taig :
That's all I got.
tal :
thanks a lot
tanq :
thank you
tat :
tbnt :
thanks but no thanks
tff :
That's f**king Funny
tfft :
thank f**k for that
tfl :
Thanks For Looking
tfln :
thanx for last night
tfs :
thanks for sharing
tfta :
thanks for the add
tfti :
thanks for the information
tfu :
that's f**ked up
tfw :
that feeling when
tg :
thank god
tgft :
thank god for that
tgfuap :
thank god for unanswered prayers
tghig :
thank god husband is gone
tgif :
thank god it's friday
tgiff :
thank god its f**king Friday
tgis :
thank god it's saturday
tgiwjo :
Thank God It Was Just Once
tgsttttptct :
thank God someone took the time to put this crap together
tgwig :
thank god wife is gone
tgws :
that goes without saying
th4nk5 :
thankies :
Thank You
thankx :
thank you
thanq :
thank you
thanx :
thank you
thar :
thatz :
thku :
thank you
thnx :
tht :
thwdi :
thats how we do it
thx :
thank you
thxx :
thz :
thank you
ti2o :
that is too obious
tia :
thanks in advance
tiafayh :
Thanks in advance for all your help
tifu :
that is f**ked up
tisc :
that is so cool
tisfu :
that is so f**ked up
tisly :
that is so last year
tisnf :
that is so not fair
tisw :
that is so wrong
tjb :
thats just boring
tks :
tku :
thank you
tms :
that makes sense
tmsaisti :
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
tnf :
That's Not Funny
tnomb :
that's none of my business
tnx :
tnxz :
tok :
That's ok
tpf :
that's pretty funny
tptb :
the powers that be
tq :
Thank You
tsc :
that's so cool
tsff :
thats so f**kin funny
tsig :
that site is gay
tsnf :
that's so not fair
tss :
That's so sweet
ttf :
that\'s too funny
ttrf :
That's the rules, f**ker
ttya :
Thanks to you all
tu :
thank you
tuvm :
thank you very much
tvm :
thanks very much
twajs :
That was a joke, son.
twbc :
that would be cool
twdah :
that was dumb as hell
twf :
That was funny
twfaf :
thats what friends are for
twg :
That was great
twis :
that's what I said
tws2wa :
That was so 2 weeks ago
twss :
That's what she said
twsy :
That was so yeterday
twvsoy :
that was very stupid of you
tx :
txs :
ty :
thank you
tyfi :
Thank You for invite
tyfn :
thank you for nothing
tyfyc :
Thank You For Your Comment
tyfyt :
Thank you for your time
typ :
thank you partner
tysfm :
thank you so f**king much
tysm :
thank you so much
tysvm :
thank you so very much
tyty :
thank you thank you
tyvm :
Thank You Very Much
tyvvm :
thank you very very much
ugtr :
you got that right
wdtm :
what does that mean
wdydt :
why do you do that
wdywtdt :
Why Do You Want To Do That?
wtfdtm :
What the f**k does that mean
wtfhwt :
what the f**king hell was that
wtfit :
what the f**k is that
wtfwt :
what the f**k was that
wtfwtd :
what the f**k was that dude
wtfwtf :
what the f**k was that for?
Wtfwydt :
Why the f**k would you do that
wtharud :
what the heck are you doing
wthau :
who the hell are you
wthauwf :
what the hell are you waiting for
wthay :
who the hell are you
wthayd :
what the heck are you doing
wthaydwmgf :
what the hell are you doing with my girlfriend
wthdydt :
why the hell did you do that
wthwt :
what the hell was that?
wtwr :
well that was random
wuwt :
what's up with that
wwikt :
why would i know that
wwt :
what was that
wwtf :
what was that for
ygtsr :
you got that s**t right
ytfwudt :
why the f**k would you do that?
ythwudt :
Why the hell would you do that
yty :
why thank you
yust :
why you say that

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