Definition & Meaning of "THANKIES"

What does thankies mean? View the definition of thankies and all related slang terms containing thankies below:

thankies :
Thank You


The abbreviation THANKIES is a shorthand version of the phrase 'Thank You', commonly used by people to express their gratitude in an informal setting or while texting. It is a quick and easy way to thank someone without taking too much of your time. Using THANKIES in a text message is an effective way to show appreciation without creating long messages. With just one word, you can express your gratitude and convey your emotions instantly.

Examples of THANKIES used in texting:

1. "Hey, can you pick me up? I'm running late. THANKIES!" (Example of THANKIES used in texting for asking a favor)
2. "I had a great time tonight. THANKIES for the company!" (Example of THANKIES used in texting for expressing appreciation)
3. "You are always there for me. THANKIES for being my friend." (Example of THANKIES used in texting for expressing gratitude)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "thankies"

thankies :
Thank You

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