Definition & Meaning of "2GETHA"

What does 2getha mean? View the definition of 2getha and all related slang terms containing 2getha below:

2getha :

Usage of 2GETHA

The abbreviation 2GETHA is commonly used in text messaging as a quicker and more efficient way of saying "together." The term is often used when making plans with friends or simply expressing a desire to spend time with someone. For example, one might say "Let's hang out 2GETHA" or "We should study 2GETHA for the exam."

Examples of 2GETHA used in texting:
1. "Hey, are we still meeting up 2GETHA tonight?" - Example of 2GETHA used in making plans
2. "I miss spending time with you, let's catch up 2GETHA soon!" - Example of 2GETHA expressing a desire to spend time with someone
3. "We make such a great team, let's work on this project 2GETHA!" - Example of 2GETHA used in a collaborative effort.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "2getha"

2getha :

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