Definition & Meaning of "NR"

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nr :
no reserve

Usage of NR

The abbreviation NR stands for "no reserve", which is commonly used in the context of auctions. It means that the item being auctioned will be sold to the highest bidder, regardless of the price. In other words, there is no minimum or reserve price set for the item. This term is also used in other contexts to indicate that there are no limitations or restrictions on something.

Examples of NR used in texting:
1. "Hey, I'm selling my old bike on eBay, and it's going for really cheap. NR auction, so it could go for a steal!"
2. "The concert tickets I'm selling have no reserve, so it's first come, first served!"
3. "I'm bidding on a car that's NR, so I'm hoping to get it for a good price."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "nr"

bnr :
bonr :
dctnry :
dnrta :
did not read the article
dnrtfa :
did not read the f**king article
gnr :
Guns n' roses
gnrn :
get naked right now
lbnr :
laughing but not really
nnr :
no not really
nr :
no reserve
nr4u :
not right for you
nrg :
nrn :
No Response Necessary
Obnr :
Open but no reply
pwnr :
National Rifle Association
scnr :
sorry, I couldn't resist
tldnr :
too long, did not read
wnrn :
why not right now

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