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bnr :

Usage of BNR

The abbreviation "BNR" is commonly used in texting and as an online shorthand for the term "banner." A banner is a graphic or image that appears across the top of a website or a web page, often used to display promotional material or to link to other parts of the site. Banners are also used in online advertising, where they can be placed on different sites to draw attention to a particular product or service.

Examples of BNR used in texting:

1. Hey, have you seen the new BNR on our company's website? It looks amazing! (Example of BNR used to refer to a website banner)

2. The BNR for the sale at the mall is really catching my eye. I might have to stop by this weekend. (Example of BNR used to refer to an advertising banner)

3. Can you design a BNR for our upcoming event? We need something that will really grab people's attention. (Example of BNR used to refer to a promotional banner)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bnr"

bnr :
lbnr :
laughing but not really
Obnr :
Open but no reply

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