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n2 :

Usage of N2

The abbreviation N2 is a shorthand way of saying 'into'. This abbreviation is commonly used in texting to save time and space. It can be used to describe a physical movement such as going into a building or a mental shift like delving into a subject. N2 can also be used to indicate a change in mood, behavior or beliefs. The abbreviation N2 is very popular among millennials and is often used in casual conversations.

Examples of N2 used in texting:
1. Hey, I'm N2 coffee today. Want to join me?
2. Just finished my workout and now I'm N2 a hot shower.
3. I need to get N2 the zone for this exam, wish me luck!

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Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "n2"

brbn2gbr :
Be right back, I need to go to the bathroom
in2 :
n2 :
n2b :
not too bad
n2bb :
nice to be back
n2bm :
Not to be mean
n2br :
not to be rude
n2g :
Not too good
n2m :
not too much
n2mh :
not too much here
n2mhbu :
not too much how about you?
n2mhjc :
not too much here just chillin
n2mu :
not too much, you?
n2n :
need to know
n2p :
need to pee
nn2r :
no need to respond
un2bo :
you need to back off
wan2tlk :
Want to talk

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