Definition & Meaning of "N2P"

What does n2p mean? View the definition of n2p and all related slang terms containing n2p below:

n2p :
need to pee

Usage of N2P

The abbreviation N2P stands for 'need to pee', and it is commonly used in texting to express the urge to urinate. It is a way to quickly communicate a need for a bathroom break in a casual and informal way. It is often used when chatting with friends, family, or colleagues.

Examples of N2P used in texting:

1. "Hey, can we take a quick break? I N2P"
2. "This traffic is making me N2P so bad"
3. "Sorry, I have to go. N2P emergency!"

These texts demonstrate how the abbreviation N2P can be used to quickly and efficiently convey the need to use the bathroom in a variety of situations.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "n2p"

n2p :
need to pee

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