Definition & Meaning of "KA"

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ka :
Kick Ass

ka means "Kick Ass"


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ka"

aka :
also known as
bka :
better known as
crakalakin :
fka :
formerly known as
hakas :
have a kick ass summer
idkat :
I don't know a thing
idkau :
I don't know about you
iebkac :
issue exists between keyboard and chair
jka :
just kidding around
ka :
Kick Ass
kafn :
kill all f**king noobs
kah :
kisses and hugs
kaw :
kick ass work
kay :
lollerskates :
laughing out loud
nafkam :
Not Away From Keyboard Any More
pebkac :
problem exists between keyboard and chair
sokay :
it's okay
suka :
swakaah :
Sealed With A Kiss And A Hug

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