Definition & Meaning of "IDKAU"

What does idkau mean? View the definition of idkau and all related slang terms containing idkau below:

idkau :
I don't know about you

Usage of IDKAU

IDKAU is a popular abbreviation used in texting, which stands for "I don't know about you." It is typically used when the sender wants to express an opinion but is unsure if the recipient shares the same thought or feeling. This abbreviation is often used in friendly conversations between peers or colleagues and can be a useful way to open up discussions and gain insight into the other person's perspective.

Examples of IDKAU used in texting:

1. Friend A: Hey, did you like the new Star Wars movie?
Friend B: IDKAU, but I thought it was awesome!

2. Colleague A: Do you prefer working from home or in the office?
Colleague B: IDKAU, I miss the office environment but love the flexibility of working from home.

3. Family member A: Are you planning on visiting us this weekend?
Family member B: IDKAU, I might have plans, but I'll let you know as soon as possible.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "idkau"

idkau :
I don't know about you

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