Definition & Meaning of "IDKAT"

What does idkat mean? View the definition of idkat and all related slang terms containing idkat below:

idkat :
I don't know a thing

Usage of IDKAT

The abbreviation IDKAT is mainly used in texting to indicate that the person doesn't know or have any information about a particular topic. This abbreviation may be used when someone is asked a question but doesn't have any answer or knowledge about it. The abbreviation IDKAT can be used when someone is asked their opinion about something that they have no information on or when someone is asked to provide an explanation about something they have no clue about. It's a way of conveying that you don't have any knowledge of the topic without sounding rude or uninterested.

Example of IDKAT used in texting:
1. Person A: "What do you think about the new movie that just came out?"
Person B: "IDKAT, I haven't seen it yet."

2. Person A: "Do you know how to solve this equation?"
Person B: "IDKAT, I'm not good at math."

3. Person A: "What's the capital city of Bolivia?"
Person B: "IDKAT, I'm not good at geography."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "idkat"

idkat :
I don't know a thing

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