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hs :

Usage of HS

In the world of online gaming and first-person shooter games, the abbreviation HS is often used as an abbreviation for 'headshot.' A headshot is when the player successfully hits their opponent's head, resulting in an instant kill. It's considered to be a skilled move that requires precision aiming and timing. Players often use the term 'HS' to brag about their skill or to indicate that they have just achieved a headshot.

Examples of HS used in texting:

1. Player 1: I just got another HS on that guy!
Player 2: Nice one! You're killing it.

2. Friend 1: How'd your match go?
Friend 2: Pretty good, got a few HS's in.

3. Gamer: I need to work on my aim. Can't seem to get any HS's lately.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "hs"

chswm :
come have sex with me
chswmrn :
come have sex with me right now
cihswu :
can i have sex with you
hs :
hsd :
high school dropout
hsik :
how should i know
hsr :
homestar runner
hss :
horse s**t and splinters
hswm :
Have Sex With me
idnwths :
i do not want to have sex
ilhsm :
i love him/her so much
iwhswu :
I want to have sex with you
Iwths :
I want to have sex
iwthswy :
i want to have sex with you
lhs :
lets have sex
lhsrn :
let's have sex right now
mbhsm :
My Boobs Hurt So Much
pachs :
parents are coming home soon
rhs :
right hand side
Shake My Head Side To Side
whs :
wanna have sex
wths :
want to have sex
wthswm :
want to have sex with me
wyhswm :
would you have sex with me

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